Americhip Studio... a world of big ideas, bold new technology and a sensory experience like no other. 
The Americhip Studio is a fascinating new playground of digital art and imaginative form factors, designed to amplify the creative ambiance of your most carefully designed spaces and architectural environments. 

Over the past 25 years, Americhip has become a leading innovator, merging digital technologies with an analog world -- pushing the envelope of how new media formats can be used to enhance the beauty of an otherwise static setting.

When modern technology meets sophisticated artistic design, the combination can be mesmerizing. The Americhip Studio Line offers a range of video displays designed to communicate your message more effectively.

Americhip has delivered more custom video display vehicles than anyone else in the world. Everything from video screens embedded into magazine ads to massive multi-panel wall mounted displays. Americhip has done it! As leaders in the field of video content delivery systems, you can trust Americhip to design, develop and execute your most critical video content and display requirements.